AUGUST 8, 1999

A lucky few at Don Hill's (NYC) witnessed the serendiptious genesis of this band

The first gig was an unrehearsed jam band put together as a fill-in because Chuck's other band Suburban Dog's guitarist could not make gig(?)... Since Steve McGovern had booked us a personal favor, instead of cancelling I scrambled to fill the slot. Responding to last minute calls, the night featured Joe Taino's ballsey blues guitar & latin vocal, Chuck Brownley's stumble groove bass & vocal angst, Victor Jones' nuclear jazz/funk drumming & vocal humor, Kevin Burrell's world influenced percussion & non-sequitor sounds, unexpectedly joined by Kiku Collins on trumpet...

"Red House"

Recorded by David Nolan
... whom I must note hired this band for his wedding based on this night ...
Our First & Biggest Fan! RIP Dave