IN CONCERT - "Foot Prints"
This recording of CHUCK & FRIENDS* performance of Wayne Shorter's "Foot Prints" showcases
the individual skills and group interplay of ensembled musicians.

This spontanenously arranged piece opens with Victor Jones (drums) and Kevin Burrell (percussion) setting an afro-cubano pulse. The rest of the rhythm section, Chuck Brownley (bass), David Gilmore (guitar) and Ted Cruz (keys) join to set atmospheric waves for Kiku Collins (trumpet) and Paul Shapiro (sax) to float the opening melody.

"Foot Prints"

Kicking it, Kiku's classic coronet coolly segues into Paul furiously feeding the furnace fueling a fiery four. Then Ted tenderly transforms the timbre tastfully tickling the tempered tones traveling a transcended though tenacious toe tapper. Subsequently sonic shades of Santana sound soulfully from Gilmore's strummed strings soaring over the simultanenously evolving accompaniment. Penultimately, Victor and Kevin take a seemingly choreographed percussion break, before the full ensemble returns to close.
And me realizing I've been playing a minor blues...
not Foot Prints as Dave keep trying to signal to me!

Recorded Live in the Knitactive Studio @ The Knitting Factory, NYC - March 1, 2000